Monday, 13 July 2015

'Data Mining with Weka' available as self-paced course

Welcome to "Data Mining with Weka".

Unlike previous sessions the course is now being offered on a self-paced basis. All the material, activities and assessments are available now until 23rd October 2015 at:

We are not providing any tutorial, help or assistance during this session. Also, we will not generate any Statements of Completion until after 23rd October.

The course includes the following resources:

  •  the Weka software; Lesson 1.2 gives downloading instructions (we are using version 3.6.11)
  •  videos, one per lesson, on YouTube
  •  the videos include captions (English and Chinese), which can be turned on in YouTube
  •  slides used in the videos (PDF format)
  •  text files containing transcripts of the videos
  •  activities that follow each lesson
  •  access to selected excerpts from Data Mining (3rd Edition) - plus you can buy a discounted copy from the publisher
  •  announcement forumblogtwitter feed (available from the course website)

for Chinese participants:

  •  videos on Youku
    • one version with captions in Chinese (another with English captions is available on our Youku channel)

Some notes for participants:

  • work through the videos and activities at your own pace, in your own time
  • please subscribe to the announcement forum if you haven't already done so: this is the best way to stay up-to-date with the course (click on Membership and email settings to subscribe)
  • only the mid-course and final assessments count towards the Statement of Completion
  •  feel free to install Weka in advance, but please ensure that you have version 3.6.11
  •  if you already know something about Weka, feel free to skip the first class (or two)
  •  during the videos, it may help to follow with Weka on your own computer ("click along with Ian")
  •  the course should take 2–3 hours/week (3–4 hours if you do the optional reading)
  • you can download the materials from

 Please help us by filling out the pre-course survey if you have not already done so.

Ian & the WekaMOOC team

any previous students who wish to volunteer as Community Teaching Assistants for this session are also welcome: