Monday, 25 April 2016

Welcome to "Advanced Data Mining with Weka"

Welcome to the course "Advanced Data Mining with Weka". The six lessons for Class 1 are now available on the course website:

We will release classes 2, 3, 4, and 5 on Mondays (NZ time) in the upcoming weeks, and send reminder announcements.
Weka 3.8 has just been released and you will be using it throughout this course, so please download it and install it on your computer. It’s available at both: 


This course includes the following resources:
  • videos, one per lesson, on YouTube
  •  the videos include captions, which can be turned on in YouTube
  •  we recommend viewing in HD format, again a YouTube control
  •  slides used in the videos (PDF format)
  •  text files containing transcripts of the videos
  •  activities that follow each lesson
  • mid-course assessment (opens 2 May, with the Week 2 content) 
  •  final assessment (opens 23 May, with the Week 5 content)
  •  announcement forum, blog, twitter feed (available from the course website)
  •  discussion forum.

Some notes:
  • work through the videos and activities at your own pace, in your own time
  • a new class appears every week; old classes will remain available until the course closes
  • in theory, you could leave all your learning to the last week (but we don't recommend this!)
  • please subscribe to the announcement forum if you haven't already done so: this is the best way to stay up-to-date with the course (click on Membership and email settings to subscribe)
  • only the mid-course and final assessments count towards the Statement of Completion
  • please check your name and marks in the My Profile section of the website (this is the data we will use to produce your Statement of Completion)
  • during the videos, it may help to follow with Weka on your own computer
  • the course should take 3–6 hours/week
  • a detailed syllabus is available:

Please help us by filling out the pre-course survey if you have not already done so.

By the time you have finished this course you will be an advanced expert user of Weka and very knowledgeable about data mining generally. But it will take some effort, and motivation.

cheers, and good luck

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

"Advanced Data Mining with Weka" open for enrolment

Advanced Data Mining with Weka is now open for enrolment, and is scheduled to start on 25 April.

Like the other two Weka MOOCs, this draws on the resources of the Machine Learning Group in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Waikato. It covers:

  • time series forecasting; data stream mining
  • inter-operability with R; scripting Weka in Python and Groovy
  • distributed processing with Apache SPARK and Hadoop
  • application case studies
A detailed syllabus is available.

This is advanced stuff, and you need to be an experienced Weka user before starting. The format is the same as for the earlier courses, and again you will do most of your learning in the Activities, although whether you get a Statement of Completion depends solely on your how well you do in the mid-class and end-of-class assessments.

There’s more information about the course in the trailer video: it’s informative, entertaining, and only about 4 minutes long.

By the time you have finished this course you will be an advanced expert on the use of Weka. Enrol at:

Ian & the Weka Team